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Data Deposit Box's Continuous Online Backup Now Available for Mac Computers

TORONTO - (July 21, 2009) - Mac users can breathe a sigh of relief. Data Deposit Box announced today that its highly rated backup and storage service is now available for Mac computers. Previously only computers using Windows were able to continuously and automatically backup their files with Data Deposit Box. However, with this new offering, businesses that operate with Mac computers will be able to secure their important data and access it from anywhere.  

The new service will operate similarly to the Windows service in several ways. As always, users will benefit from Data Deposit Box's patented continuous backup, although for Mac computers, the client is a background daemon that always runs even when no one is logged in. It also backs up files as they change, with options to control various settings, such as CPU usage, intervals between backups and more.

"Although Macs are lauded for their protection against viruses and other issues that sometimes frustrate Windows users, they're still vulnerable to data loss because that protection doesn't guarantee full immunity," said Jamie Brenzel, CEO of Data Deposit Box. "And of course, no matter what system your business uses, data loss from power surges, human error or natural disasters are bound to happen. Obviously with the popularity of Mac computers, this new client fills a need for comprehensive backup."

Although Mac customers will enjoy the same safeguard against data loss as Windows users, there are a couple of differences. The Mac client does not yet offer a cleanup utility; however, that is planned for a later version. Also, the restoration feature is only available via the "My Data" Web site.

The addition of a Mac client adds to the already feature-rich product that has been highly rated. The provider was recently chosen as one of CRN's 25 "Coolest of the Coolest" Emerging Vendors, and in May, gave Data Deposit Box four stars in its comprehensive review.

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