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Data Center Staff Are Revolting

Although the economy is picking up, a large proportion of data center managers and their staff think they're underpaid and overworked [ed. note: and over here?].

This is one of the key findings in the final part of Enterprise Systems' Salary Survey 2004, which examines IT workers' attitudes towards their jobs. The research, which surveys staff at over 1,000 enterprises, reveals that dissatisfaction with salaries is growing.

For some time now, there have been rumblings of discontent that data center pay is not keeping pace with the current economic recovery (see Survey: Data Center Staff in the Dumps and Data Center Staff: Show Us the Money). This latest survey appears to confirm this perception. Some 34 percent of middle managers, including data center managers, are unhappy with their financial lot, according to Enterprise Systems.

But their underlings are even grumpier, with nearly 40 percent saying they are dissatisfied with their salaries. Yes, there are apparently some very unhappy campers in the big white room at the middle of the corporate network.

Of course, asking anyone if they are happy with the amount they are paid is akin to asking them if they would like to be hit in the face with a brick... the answers are likely to be predictable. In this light, the surprising thing is that over 60 percent of rank-and-file data center drones are happy with their pay [ed. note: or are so drunk they couldn't care less?]. What's next a survey showing employees feel they're overpaid? Striking for lower wages?

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