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CyberGuard Set to Wash the Web

Security specialist CyberGuard Corp. (Nasdaq: CGFW) has launched a new content management product built using core technology from WebWasher, which it acquired for a cool $50 million earlier this year (see CyberGuard Acquires Webwasher and CyberGuard Intros Webwasher).

The new 1000 appliance uses WebWashers content security management (CSM) software to filter URLs, viruses, and spam, as well as optional SSL scanning. The 1-rack-unit box can handle up to 2,000 concurrent users, say CyberGuard execs, although this figure is yet to be independently tested.

Security vendors are locked in an arms race at the moment, with firms like CyberGuard bolstering their product lines with new features. But things do not always run according to plan. During the summer, CyberGuard’s $300 million bid for Secure Computing Corp. (Nasdaq: SCUR) was turned down after the San Jose, Calif.-based company’s board deemed the offer unacceptable (see CyberGuard Locks Onto SCUR and SCUR Spurns CyberGuard Suitor).

Undeterred, CyberGuard is looking to tap into the growing market for integrated security products, and has been working to bring its product lines together over the last few months. A WebWasher-pioneered technology called Internet Content Adaptaton Protocol (ICAP), which features on the new 1000 device, has been at the heart of this effort.

ICAP is a standard that enables WebWasher content management products to filter and secure the network traffic that is visible to firewall/VPN devices. The protocol will ship on CyberGuard’s new TSP family of security appliances next month and has already been added to Classic range of firewall/VPNs (see CyberGuard Unveils Security Appliances and CyberGuard Launches Security Products).

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