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CRU-DataPort Launches Storage, Security Products

WASHINGTON -- CRU-DataPort announces five new data security and data storage products at FOSE 2009, including hardware based encryption, a portable RAID storage enclosure and write-blocked forensic tools.

Hardware-based encryption makes the new DataPort(TM) 10 Secure an ideal solution for protecting sensitive data on a computer's hard drive. This rugged enclosure enables the drive to be removed, or "Hot-Swapped," for data backup, transporting and archiving, while a government approved AES 128 high-speed encryption processor secures the contents of the entire drive without affecting computer performance.

The Portable DataRAID PDR610 is a high-performance iSCSI storage enclosure that makes a massive amount of data transportable, (up to 9 terabytes), while a built-in RAID controller ensures the data's integrity. A rugged carrying handle makes this mini data center portable and a dual gigabit Ethernet interface ensures high-speed access, making the PDR610 ideal for Disaster Recovery, digital media archiving and Pro A/V editing. Six drive bays feature vibration resistant removable drive carriers with ultra-quiet fans and patented drive-cooling technology.

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