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Coyote Point E650GX: Server Virtualization 3.0 Embodied In An Application Delivery Controller

In a previous blog, I wrote about "Server Virtualization 3.0 and Load Balancing," where I discussed the importance of advanced load balancing solutions that allow VMware servers to provide proactive load balancing metrics. These load-balancers use the well-defined VMware API to query VMware and gather CPU load, memory utilization and other status information for virtual servers running under VMware. The focus of this blog is the Coyote Point E650GX Application Delivery Controller and Virtual Load Balancing Advanced software, products that embody Server Virtualization 3.0 because of their tight integration with VMware. 

With 10+ years of experience building unique Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solutions, Coyote Point pioneered the integration of virtualization ADCs. This differentiates the company from the competition and gives them the know-how to deliver reliable and robust products with unique load balancing capabilities. With the introduction of Virtual Load Balancing Advanced (VLB Advanced) they continue to keep one step ahead of the competition.
I like the value that Coyote Point offers its customers. The E650GX is about $2,500 less MSRP compared to F5's low-end 1600 appliance, and the E650GX outperforms the 1600 in every important specification including bandwidth, L7 Tp/s, HTTPS Tp/s and compression. Over the lifetime of the hardware, the total cost of ownership (TCO) savings can be even more substantial based on F5 support costs vs. CPS support costs. 
But VLB Advanced is what caught my eye, and what I believe makes them unique in the ADC market as virtualization continues to wag the tail of the server market. Imagine a product that can spin up additional VMware servers based on real-time network traffic loads. If additional server resources are needed, VLB Advanced will request VMware to start them. Then, when traffic subsides, the servers will be automatically shut down. Proactive virtual machine management is now a reality, offered by Coyote Point Systems; included with their new E650GX and offered as an option for E350GX and E450GX models. Their Virtual Load Balance (VLB) Advanced software is tightly integrated with VMware vSphere to provide enhanced monitoring, improved application availability and guaranteed uptime.
Also worth mentioning is Coyote Point Smart Control is a powerful visual scripting language for automating VMware administration actions based on Equalizer events and triggers. Administrators define threshold conditions for parameters that trigger a VMware response. With the appropriate Smart Control rules implemented, administrators can instruct VMware to spin up or tear down virtual machines to deal with changing traffic patterns, on the fly. Over-provisioning to handle "hot spots" or load spikes can be completely eliminated.
Application Delivery Controllers are important components of high performance virtual server architectures. Built from the ground up for integration with VMware, the E650GX stands-out as a best-in-class solution for load-balancing in virtualized environments.