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Coradiant's TrueSight TS-1000

Effortless Setup

Built on Gentoo Linux, the 2U beta appliance is easy to set up. I configured it in 15 minutes with the help of a Coradiant engineer, though the work would have taken me half an hour tops, even without the assistance. I connected the test unit's optical connectors to a NetOptics 8x1G Passive Regeneration Tap located between the edge routers and Syracuse University's core backbone.

The initial configuration must be done from a serial connection. From there, I created a security-officer account and set up network parameters, such as the IP address and subnet mask.

After rebooting, I made all other configurations over the Web. You'll need a Mozilla Firefox with Sun Microsystems' 1.4.2 Java or Internet Explorer with the Microsoft JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to use the Web interface.

Traffic capture is off by default. I turned it on from the security page accessed through the Web interface. I then asked the system to log each request and store the log files for later perusal.

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