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This is cool...

I see a lot of products in a year. I mean a lot. It's kind of my job to get toys, play with them, try to break them, then tell you how well they did. Sometimes they break too easy, but you get the idea.
Anyway, since I see so much, it is not often that I get a product and go "this is friggin' cool" about twelve times when opening the package.

That's what happened though when QLogic sent me the SAN Express promo pack - an example of SAN Express at work.

It's small, and it's a SAN. In short, "it's friggin' cool".

Put together by QLogic, Seagate, Studio Network Solutions, the package I received for our Green Bay lab is 280 Gigabytes of FC storage that fits in a 2x2x1 box that has plenty of padding.

So of course I want to put this thing together - there was no mention in the box about how much storage was in it, and no matter what they tell you, size does matter to Storage people ;-).

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