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Contest: What Lurks In Your IT Shadows?

Perhaps the most frightening sight you've witnessed in your IT environment is something like this:

But if you've been in technology for long, it's probable that you've encountered some interesting things -- some scary, some puzzling, and some downright disgusting -- in the server room, the wiring closet, and especially in those cable runs.

I've heard tales of IT pros finding everything from underwear to cartons of Chinese food and all species of dead rodents surfacing among their servers, switches, and cabling. One engineer even reported finding a can of SpaghettiOs (in cabling in the ceiling, no less), which he proceeded to open and eat for lunch. 

The data center is usually a different story. Since it's a controlled environment, wild animals and food products should be kept to a minimum. But the surveillance cameras are handy for picking up supernatural activity.

What creepy or crawly things have you found while on the job? Tell us your story in the comments. We'll pick one response on Halloween, October 31, at 3:00 p.m. ET (12:00 p.m. PT). That lucky community member will win a $50 Amazon gift card. Promotional terms apply.

Don't spare any of the gory details -- we want to hear them all. Then come back and vote for your favorites!