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Connecting the iSCSI Dots

Forget peaceful coexistence. After talking complimentary functions for a couple of years, purveyors of iSCSI are taking off the gloves, revealing their ambitions to displace Fibre Channel after all.

Consider a few recent news items, starting with EqualLogic's release of SAS-based iSCSI systems aimed squarely at enterprise customers. (See EqualLogic Tops Offs SAS Series.) Early next month, the iSCSI SAN maker will release a 4.8-Tbyte system it claims will match and exceed the capabilities of Fibre Channel arrays.

We're not talking Office document backup here. EqualLogic's new gear is aimed squarely at transaction-oriented applications. And the vendor's goal is to use virtualization-based management to distinguish its systems from FC rivals.

Interest in SAS as a key element of iSCSI arrays is growing because suppliers are looking to make iSCSI a direct rival to Fibre Channel — not an adjunct or a second-best option.

EqualLogic isn't the only iSCSI vendor grooving on SAS — and therefore not the only one with an eye on IP SANs. Rival LeftHand Networks also supports SAS, and smaller players Nimbus and Stonefly have iSCSI products deploying it.

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