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Compliance Calls for Security

Besides expanding storage capacity requirements, compliance regulations are shining the light on possible SAN security holes that have been largely overlooked.

Security appliance vendors, service providers, and consultants are rushing in to address the issue. Just this month weve seen:

Neither compliance nor security services and products are new (see Insider Assesses Compliance Impact). They’re just becoming more closely linked. Jim Damoulakis, CTO of GlassHouse Technologies Inc., says security is a major part of his consultant firm’s compliance service -- but it’s not the first thing clients think of.

“To a large extent, most people are focused on the data retention piece when hit with compliance issues –- how to store data long term, how to retain it,” he says. “Storage as a whole has been kind of a forgotten area in security. Obviously, because of recent news, there’s a heightened level of awareness.”

The recent news focuses on lost tapes, which came to light because compliance regulations forced the companies involved to admit the gaffes (see Diskers Enjoying Tape Woes).

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