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CommVault Ratchets Up Reporting

CommVault has apparently been paying attention to the startups that have sprung up out of the established backup vendors' failure to offer reporting capabilities.

CommVaults latest upgrade available today includes improved reporting features aimed at making it easier for customers to troubleshoot failed backup jobs. (See CommVault Enhances QiNetix.) Startups such as Bocada, WysDM, Illuminator Software, ServerGraph, and Tek-Tools have been selling backup reporting software trying to cash in on a lack of attention paid to backup reporting by backup vendors such as Symantec, EMC, IBM, and CommVault. (See Startups Strive to Save Backup, WysDM Software, {docink 81489}, and Tek-Tools Surveys Customers.)

Like the upstarts, CommVault’s backup software now pays closer attention to backup jobs, trying to tell customers exactly why a backup failed and even predicting failures. According to CommVault director of product marketing, Chris Van Wagoner, plain text messages for common backup failures have been added to tell customers exactly what went wrong. “For example, it might say, ‘couldn’t complete backup job because of a network outage between this time and this time,’” Van Wagoner says.

CommVault also does a pre-backup check to determine if there’s enough space on the backup disk or tape to hold the amount of data expected in a backup job.

Dominic Ferreri, IT analyst at the University of Cincinnati, says he’s happy with CommVault’s backup performance but its failure messages can be tough to decipher. (See University of Cincinnati.)

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