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The Coming of the StoreAge: Page 2 of 4

Bosch officials say that their company will save “millions of dollars versus other systems" in total cost of ownership by deploying SVM across its European data centers. However, they declined to disclose details on the cost savings or how much the deal with StoreAge is worth.

The initial rollout includes the networking of more than 100 servers with over 15 terabytes of storage, Bosch says.

“This is a major endorsement of StoreAge’s technology,” says Dan Tanner, analyst with the Aberdeen Group. “It's important because StoreAge has taken a different approach to deploying virtualization than most of the market.”

Virtualization lets IT managers use multiple storage devices as a single, “virtual” pool -- rather than manually assigning specific devices for specific applications.

A key benefit of virtualization is that it makes for more efficient use of existing storage by cutting the cost and time involved in managing it.