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ComBrio Intros Enhanced VSI

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. -- ComBrio, Inc., providers of remote connectivity software, today announced a powerful new Extended Message Delivery monitoring module to its Virtual Service Infrastructure (VSI) software product.

Ideal for data centers that service remote devices, VSI with Extended Message Delivery improves efficiency, reduces mean time to repair and decreases overall deployment and maintenance costs of servicing remote devices.

In addition to VSI's existing proactive monitoring capabilities, the newly enhanced VSI offers more flexible and comprehensive information on remote devices through its protocol agnostic ability to collect status and alert information in a device's native format. Until this solution, data center third-party support organizations would have required foreign agents, dedicated connections or software on their remote devices in order to proactively monitor device status. VSI with Extended Message Delivery has eliminated this need with its ability leverage existing or embedded autonomous alert/status information capabilities and then securely deliver this data remotely to appropriate back-end management tools or collection application.

"With the new VSI enhancements, data center managers now have an easier, more efficient way to service their customers," said Dave Boulos VP of product marketing, ComBrio. "Based on the feedback we've received from customers, VSI with Extended Message Delivery further improves on our product's core strength -the ability to provide secure, on-demand remote monitoring and management services without using dial up modems, complex VPNs, or agents.

VSI with Extended Message Delivery is available immediately.

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