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Citrix Bangs Virtual App Drum

Citrix has added more flesh to the bones of its desktop virtualization strategy at a time when vendors are increasingly looking to tie server, storage, and desktop virtualization together.

Earlier this year the vendor unveiled XenApp, its rebranded Presentation Server software, touting the ability to use a single Windows image as the basis for multiple unique virtual desktops, which it claims can reduce the storage needed for the images by more than 90 percent.

Today the vendor launched XenApp Version 5, claiming to streamline the way Windows applications are handled across virtual servers and Citrixs XenDesktop software.

“This gives isolated or virtualized applications the ability to communicate with each other -- it’s almost like the ability to bore through a firewall,” says Bill Hartwick, Citrix’s senior director of product marketing. A SAP application, for example, could communicate with an Adobe PDF running in separate virtual machines, according to the exec.

Dubbed ‘inter-isolation communication’ by the clearly jargon-obsessed vendor, Citrix is touting the ability to link applications in different VMs as a way to ease the management challenges associated with virtualization.

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