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Cisco Integrates VMware

SAN FRANCISCO -- Cisco(R) (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced the integration of Cisco
VFrame Data Center with VMware Virtual Infrastructure, a key solution
for the Cisco vision of next generation data centers, called Data
Center 3.0. The solutions and services that support Cisco Data Center
3.0 are designed to help customers better utilize their data center
resources, deploy more robust business continuance, and enhance data
security. Cisco's integration with VMware Infrastructure 3 offers
customers enhanced IT automation capabilities, including added VMware
ESX Server capacity on demand, as well as orchestrated configuration
of network services. Customers will benefit from increased IT
agility and flexibility, faster coordinated provisioning of storage
and network resources, and improved business continuance.

"Cisco and VMware share a joint vision for driving and supporting a
service-oriented approach for the data center," said Krish
Ramakrishnan, vice president and general manager, Server
Virtualization Business Unit, Cisco. "Together our efforts support
the IT collaboration that will be required across organizations to
streamline operations and take advantage of the data center
technology advancements to come."

Cisco began the technical collaboration with VMware as a result of
customer feedback requesting a tighter integration with Cisco
Catalyst(R) and MDS technologies to support the scaling of their
VMware Infrastructure deployments. By adding service orchestration,
Cisco VFrame DC can provision all the network services for
Internet-facing applications running on VMware Infrastructure,
including firewalls, content load balancing, switch and server
trunks, and access control lists; all from a single GUI-based
service template. This integration enables network, storage, and
security IT groups to collaborate using a common design interface for
dramatic improvements in real-time provisioning agility.

"VMware customers are used to being able to rapidly provision and
configure virtual infrastructure," said Brian Byun, vice president of
global partners and solutions, VMware. "Now, with Cisco's integration
of VFrame DC, customers can also get similar benefits for their
physical infrastructure. VFrame DC enables coordinated provisioning
of physical resources (network, storage and server) to complement
their virtualized infrastructure."

VMware Inc. (NYSE: VMW)

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