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Cinci Bell Goes Thin With Sun

I wrote on Sun's VDI upgrade earlier this month. Charlie Babcock interviewed Jeff Harvey from Cincinnati Bell about that company's VDI deployment...
While I see Sun's VDI as a pretty slick any-to-many broker for desktop virtualization, we all know Sun also is hoping to move a bunch of thin clients out the door. According to Harvey, CB's project manager, he'll be moving 750 Win2K desktops to Sun Rays. Not surprisingly, the target desks are mainly folks wearing headsets. Check out Charlie's InformationWeek piece here.

We've all heard this pitch before. Heck, I inherited a MetaFrame (pre-Presentation server, pre-XenApp) ICA cluster a couple of jobs back and had mixed personal feelings.

I can say:
1. My budgetary 'feelings' weren't mixed.
2. My admins and support staff loved the environment.
3. My users, um, didn't.

Have user attitudes changed over the last four years?

Do enterprises care about user feelings?

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