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Chambers Touts 'Network of Networks'

LAS VEGAS -- Users and vendors should start readying their systems for a "network of networks," underpinned by robust security and virtualized storage, according to John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems.

In his keynote speech at Interop today, Chambers said the new "quad play" network will offer enterprises unparalleled levels of data sharing. "It isnt just data, voice, video and mobility. It's about quad play everything -- in your home, in Starbucks, branch offices, in your central offices, and across the board.

"You will see a different experience about how you interface with your customers and your suppliers," he said. "It will be a more personalized approach."

The flamboyant exec as usual wandered the audience throughout his speech, warning users to starting thinking about the impact of the new network. "You have to make your decisions not one year ahead of changes occurring in the market, but three to five years ahead," he explained. "By the time it's obvious, it's too late."

According to Chambers, "complete virtualization of storage, applications, and processors" will be key to this effort, making it possible for users to share applications between servers, PCs, and PDAs much more quickly than is currently possible.

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