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Chambers Shouts About Security

LAS VEGAS -- Interop -- Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) CEO John Chambers, the networking equipment world's most notable evangelist, used his keynote time this year to sing from the security hymn book (see Chambers: Virtualization Is Here).

Security, security, security,” he said, in a what we think was a B-flat diminished 7th chord (or maybe we still had our iPods plugged in). ”The number one issue with availability in your data centers and your networks five years from now will be security.

“Most good hackers, or worse, rogue nation states, will test your data centers and pull out before they make an attack,” he said. The network, he added, has to be like the human body, it has to be self defending.

The Cisco chief highlighted the need for integrated network security and identified shortcomings in the way that businesses currently guard their networks. “The word intrusion detection is an oxymoron -- once you have detected [a threat], you’re in big trouble."

His remarks sounded as though they were building to a product pitch, and Chambers didn't disappoint. He took the wraps off Cisco’s new all-singing, all-dancing security device, the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 5500, which combines a range of security features, including firewall, IPSec and SSL VPN, anti-virus, worm mitigation, and denial-of-service (DOS) protection.

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