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Chambers Sells Self-Defending Networks

SAN FRANCISCO -- Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) CEO John Chambers described email "caller ID" and "self-defending" networks to the large crowd here at the RSA security conference on Wednesday.

The significance of Chambers's remarks is that they reflect a change in the thinking about how network security is approached. It's not a one-device solution nor a software feature anymore. Rather, security has to be in the DNA of every network device and network service.

Chambers addressed approximately 2,500 of CIOs and security professionals assembled here for what has become the largest cyber-security event in the world. He began by describing the world as Cisco sees it -- a collage of virtual networks through which users move unaware of the borders between them.

You will see a virtualization of resources,” Chambers says. “You will have no idea whether the device in your hand contains the resources you are using or if they are stored in some other network.”

Then, after a quick safe harbor statement, he launched into his company’s unfolding plan to protect the enterprise from worms, germs, viruses, and other attackers.

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