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Certeon Asserts Accelerator

Is there room in the world for another WAN accelerator? If Massachusetts startup Certeon can support its claims, there just might be.

Though Certeon was founded in 2003, it's only now surfacing with a WAN acceleration appliance called the S-Series. The vendor claims the rackmount unit can improve the performance of certain applications by up to 1,000 times. It also maintains that its gear can accelerate traffic that uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption (think VPNs), without touching the encryption.

While boasts of ever-faster acceleration are commonplace in this market, Certeon's claim to accelerate encrypted SSL traffic is something new. Up to now, most WAN accelerators have worked by decrypting traffic, compressing it, then re-encrypting it -- or offering supplemental encryption as part of the optimizer. "In general, encryption makes it hard to optimize data," says Liad Ofek, VP of support for Expand Networks Inc., which offers its own IPsec encryption for accelerated traffic between data centers and branch offices.

Certeon's ability to view encrypted traffic is an offshoot of its ability to interpret "application semantics" and come up with specific "blueprints" to compress data, shorten session protocols, and transmit only what's changed to a remote user.

Right now, Certeon is offering so-called blueprints, or special compression schemes, for the following applications: Oracle eApplication Suite, MS Office System, and MS Sharepoint. The vendor can accelerate other applications as well, though it doesn't make the same dramatic compression claims for them. Still, apps can be accelerated whether they are encrypted or not.

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