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CEO Minute: Troux' Hank Weghorst

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  • Question #1: Many people think that Governance focuses solely on making IT profitable. That's obviously true, but according to Troux, it also applies heavily to core IT issues like disaster recovery and legislative compliance. What does governance mean to you? How does Troux describe and approach this heady and sometimes controversial subject.
  • Question #2: So many companies have a massive investment in infrastructure acquired during the 90s, much of which needs to be closely governed. How does Troux deal with this hardware-heavy side of alignment?
  • Question #3: What are the real hot buttons pushing IT Governance right now?

  • Question #4: Do you believe that most of the companies you work with are aware of how governance will affect their businesses; are they ready for governance?
  • Question #5: The idea of governing IT, of bringing IT into the financial and business process as a responsible partner and not just a wayward stepchild is nothing new. Many companies have tried to achieve that goal, but most have failed. Why is that? What are the biggest hurdles to governing IT?
  • Question #6: I understand that you have just formed a partnership with Pacific Edge. Can you tell us a little bit about that deal and what it will mean to existing and future Troux users?