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CEO Minute | TenFold's Jeffrey L. Walker

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  • Question #1: We've had very powerful application development, test, and deployment tools with us for more than two decades now, and still all of the claims of efficiency and reduced spending have lead us nowhere except perhaps to India and other points east. What went wrong with application development in America? And what do we need to do to reinvest corporate (and even, dare I say, user) confidence in this most important of endeavors?
  • Question #2: Let's talk for a minute about TenFold's RenderingEngine. This set of run-time services are supposed to automatically adjust themselves to your network environment and then execute segments of your application in-situ, as it were. Can you shed some light on exactly how this works and how it is able to interface with existing application platform technologies like JSP, Dynamo, etc.
  • Question #3: Over the course of your career, you've made some pretty bold predictions. One of which greatly intrigues me. You say that "Every educated American adult will become an application developer." Putting the whole RAD idea aside for a minute, I know I've heard predictions like this before, especially with the rise to prominence of Visual Basic and then again with Java (and to a lesser extent JavaScript). What's different now than when these "empowering" technologies were coming to market?