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CDP: Calling It Right

In the two years since a handful of startups began talking it up, the term "continuous data protection" has proliferated faster than the technology itself (see Revivio Starts Talking Continuously, XOsoft Turns Back Time, and Vyant Ships Rapid-Recovery App). The trouble is, not everyone claiming to have CDP really does.

While enterprise CDP products from startups such as Mendocino Software, Revivio Inc., and XOsoft are trickling into the market, many vendors use the term CDP to describe snapshot and replication products (see Revivio Launches Backup Box, Mendocino Scores $15M, and Intel Unveils WiMax Roadmap). That has CDP pioneers concerned their products will get lumped in with the traditional backup-and-restore process that they aim to improve upon.

"A lot of people say theyre doing CDP, but only a handful are really doing it," says analyst Brad O’Neill of the Taneja Group.

The real CDP players hoped a recently formed Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) special interest group (SIG) on CDP would help separate the contenders from the pretenders (see CDP Gets SNIA'd). Now some fear the opposite might happen.

The first marketing meeting for the CDP SIG resembled a season-opening episode of the "Survivor" TV series. The group split into two tribes, with a difference of opinion about what real CDP is.

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