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CA's AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler r7

The Upshot

CA's AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler can enhance the design, generation and maintenance of high-quality, high-performance databases, data warehouses and enterprise data resource models. This release includes a completely rebuilt engine and lets database designers document and simplify the presentation of complex database designs and data structures, as well as inventory information assets and establish enterprise standards for managing data.

The data modeling tool market is crowded with fine products that can build high-quality entity relationship diagrams. Embarcadero's ER/ Studio, fabForce's open-source DBDesigner, Microsoft's Visio, Quest's QDesigner and Sybase's PowerDesigner provide these functions. However, IT managers now demand data modelers that fit into a complete set of database development tools.

CA has been quietly creating an enterprise toolset that supports nearly the entire database-development lifecycle, for use by systems analysts, database designers, DBAs and managers. AllFusion ERwin DM is a well-designed, well-built app that provides the capabilities to get real database work done while providing database designers with subsecond response times.

CA AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler r7

$3,995 per seat

CA's AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler r7 offers a near-complete database-development package with capabilities and features that move it to the head of the class. There are many fine database-modeling tools on the market, including Embarcadero Technologies' ER/Studio, fabForce's DBDesigner (open-source), Quest Software's QDesigner, Sybase's PowerDesigner, and Microsoft's design-everything software, Visio. IT managers are demanding such products become an integral part of the entire database-development process, and AllFusion ERwin DM, with its completely rebuilt data-modeling engine, delivers.

AllFusion ERwin DM lets database developers become productive immediately, while providing an environment for saving business rules, data, metadata, database designs, database objects and shop standards. CA has built this release around its redesigned Generalized Data Modeling (GDM) engine, with new features such as "Complete Compare" and improved undo/redo capabilities. The comparison feature lets database designers compare any two versions of a model or the resulting production database; the undo/redo feature lets a user make changes anywhere in the model to understand the impact of those changes throughout the database.

The Basics

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