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CacheLogic Accelerates Media

CAMBRIDGE, U.K. -- CacheLogic-a global provider of online media delivery services-today announced its new Asset Delivery Framework.
The framework is aimed at businesses that need online distribution of multi-gigabyte digital assets, including feature-length movies, video games, and large software applications. CacheLogic's Asset Delivery Framework is an industry first that uniquely addresses the needs of digital media vendors and their customers. It replaces unpredictable distribution costs and poor end-user experience with guaranteed per-asset delivery pricing and faster corruption-free downloads.

CEO, Pat Chapman-Pincher explains the difference between the economics of CacheLogic's Asset Delivery Framework and currently available alternatives:

"Until now, online content distribution costs have been calculated simply by 'reading the meter' and charging per-gigabyte, regardless of whether or not the 'package' is successfully delivered. Our new framework guarantees delivery, and content vendors are charged per object, regardless of file size. This is a huge challenge to the existing economic model for online content distribution."