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CA Supports z/VM 5.3

ISLANDIA, N.Y. -- CA (NYSE: CA) today announced Day One” support for IBM's z/VM V5.3 across its security, storage and systems management product lines, continuing its unbroken record of immediate support for every release of the VM operating system. This immediate support enables CA customers and partners to reap the full benefits of the new platform’s features without delay.

CA solutions for z/VM V5.3 empower customers to optimize utilization of data center resources, reduce total cost of ownership, align utilization to changing business requirements, secure critical systems, and ensure the continuous availability of essential IT services.

CA worked closely with IBM during its early test program for z/VM V5.3.

z/VM V5.3 can host a large number of virtual images on a single hypervisor—virtualization technology that makes one computer look like multiple computers—enabling organizations to further optimize and consolidate their IT infrastructures.

“IBM z/VM V5.3 offers today’s IT organization unmatched flexibility, scalability, reliability and cost-efficiency,” said Mark Combs, senior vice president at CA. “By providing Day One support for z/VM V5.3, CA is giving customers the tools they need to take full advantage of this state-of-the-art platform.”

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