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CA Slights Breakfast Club

Computer Associates International Inc. (CA) (NYSE: CA), which is struggling to emerge from a period marred by financial scandals, job losses, and internal upheaval, provoked outrage at its annual shareholders' meeting by failing to lay on breakfast.

The company shifted this years meeting from its native Long Island to Manhattan, which proved to be an unpopular decision with some shareholders. But this was nothing compared to CA's decision to skimp on food. “I am hungry and I didn’t get anything and I demand some food!” shouted one peeved guest.

New CEO John Swainson, facing CA shareholders for the first time yesterday, was eventually forced to comply (more or less) with demands. “We will provide goodies in the future -- I apologize for that,” he said. “This was not to save money, I assure you.”

Swainson also came under fire regarding CA’s quarterly dividends. “We get dividends of maybe 6 cents a quarter,” said one irate 90-year-old. “You can’t even buy a third of a postage stamp for 6 cents!” Any hopes the nonagenarian had of going crazy in his local post office were dashed late yesterday, when CA announced a 4 cent dividend (see CA Declares Dividend).

In keeping with the meeting’s Long Island theme, execs were also grilled about a payment CA made to the New York Islanders ice hockey team. “You paid $360,000 to the New York Islanders and they did not even play,” wailed one woman, referring to the dispute that wrecked the previous hockey season. A CA exec, however, reassured her that the company did get its money back.

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