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Bus-Tech Unveils New Mainframe Data Library Model

Burlington, MA - Bus-Tech, Inc., a leading supplier of data center connectivity products, announced the introduction of the Mainframe Data Library (MDL) model 100V. The new model is positioned to add mainframe connectivity to the leading distributed systems VTL vendors' offerings and provide data centers with a single backup vehicle for both mainframe and distributed system server environments. Doing so simplifies data backup for the enterprise, takes advantage of the VTL's deduplication capabilities and reduces the overall cost associated with data protection.

Interoperability was confirmed based on testing at Bus-Tech's laboratory in Burlington, Massachusetts. As part of the certification process, the MDL-100V was tested with the industry leading VTL vendors' products for three key measurements: connectivity/functionality, read and write performance and deduplication effectiveness where applicable. The combined solution underwent stress and functionality tests to help ensure users can perform normal tape processing without any changes to their existing applications or JCL. The MDL-100V provides a cost effective solution for using disk for mainframe and open system backup and recovery.

The following VTL products were included in the testing: The EMC's Disk Library, FalconStor Virtual Tape Library, Quantum's DXi 7500 and the SEPATON S2100-ES2.

"With companies in today's economic climate looking at ways to reduce cost, the ability to combine mainframe and distributed systems into a single converged data protection scheme should be attractive to a wide range of data center managers," said Bus-Tech President Al Brandt. "Partnering with the industry leading VTL vendors ensures consistent and standard support of mainframe data in a converged enterprise backup process."

"FalconStor's collaboration with Bus-Tech serves customers in distributed systems and mainframe environments by allowing them to attach FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL) to mainframes via Bus-Tech's Mainframe Data Library product line," said Bernie Wu, vice president of business development for FalconStor. "For FalconStor and its channel partners, this provides a large opportunity for VTL deployments, helping us further our industry leadership in Totally Open VTL solutions."

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