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Build Your Own NAS, part two.

Well, kind of.

I slapped the motherboard into an old white-box case I had laying around, hooked up a CDROM and a 30 Gig drive, and installed Win2K SP4. All went perfectly. I'll hand it to the guys at Via, their stuff "just works". And the VT 310-DP boots faster than most any board I've seen of late.

So since I was having all this success, I thought I'd try installing RedHat onto the Flash disk. I know, I know. RedHat isn't meant for that out of the box, but I figured I could deselect all of the GUI packages and any other unnecessary stuff and be good. After all, if you can get enough to boot, you can mount other disks for actual storage.

It failed miserably. First off it warned me that no, you can't fit the OS AND swap space for all that memory onto that little tiny flash card. Then when I told it "go ahead and install anyway", the lack of swap space caused it to fail.

So the next step is to download a smaller distro - there are a couple out there for embedded I've played with, I'll dig something up. Maybe a larger Flash card is in order too - 128 meg is pretty tiny.

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