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Brocade Aligns With SNIA Certification

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) today added Brocade as the latest participating vendor in the SNIA Certified Storage Network Expert (SCSN-E) certification program. Moving forward, storage network professionals who hold the Brocade Certified SAN Manager (BCSM) certification can apply this credential toward SCSN-E certification under the SNIAs Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP).

The alignment of the BCSM certification with the SNIA’s expert-level certification provides further opportunity for certified individuals to achieve acknowledgment for their skills and recognizes the growing demand for network professionals who have the skills to design, install, and support today’s multi-vendor storage network environments.
“Brocade is pleased to be affiliated with the SNIA Certified Storage Network Expert program,” said Brocade Certification Manager Joe Cannata. “We welcome the opportunity to work with industry leaders such as SNIA in raising the visibility and expanding the opportunities for Brocade Certified SAN Managers to enhance their skills through the SNIA Expert Track program.”

Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)