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Brief: VMware Ships ACE Desktop Virtualization

VMware this week began shipping software to enable IT departments deploy thousands of virtualized desktop images and manage them from a single console.

Announced as a beta release back in March, VMware ACE 2 Enterprise Edition lets IT desktop managers create a standard PC environment, including operating system, data and applications, wrap it in IT policies and then package it into a virtual machine and deploy it to PC clients. The platform includes the VMware ACE Management server, which lets IT admins track and manage desktops. It also includes Pocket ACE, which enables a full desktop VM to be deployed on a portable media device--enabling users to take their standard corporate desktops with them.

VMware Ace 2 Enterprise Edition supports Windows Vista, Mandriva, Novell, Red Hat and Ubuntu. The product is available in Starter ($999), Standard ($4,999) and Enterprise ($15,999) Kits, which include VMware Workstation 6 with the VMware ACE Option Pack, the VMware ACE 2 Management Server and up to 500 VMware ACE client licenses with the VMware ACE 2 Enterprise Kit.

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