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The Brave New World of EMC

At the recent EMC World conference in Orlando, Florida, attendance was down slightly because of the recession to which IT is, of course, by no means immune. Despite that, the conference was buzzing with over 7,000 people and a lot of positive energy. With innumerable breakout sessions, attendees could focus on learning about individual EMC products and services. In contrast, the keynote presentations took a broader perspective looking at key industry trends and highlighting the innovations and partnerships EMC is and will continue to deliver for customers today and in the future.

The first keynotes were given by Joe Tucci, Chairman, President & CEO, EMC Corporation and Paul Maritz, President and CEO, VMware, Inc. Tucci began his presentation by describing the strategic synergies of EMC's information infrastructure focus and VMware's virtualization infrastructure focus.

While EMC owns 85% of VMware, VMware operates as an independent company that depends deeply on its partner ecosystem. Among those partners are vendors with whom EMC competes in areas, such as storage and content management. But Tucci's remark points to how clearly EMC recognizes the benefits of co-opetition with regards to VMware and the independence of VMware is key to sustaining that co-opetition.

EMC benefits from the financial success of VMware and it has been able to leverage the company's server virtualization to boost storage sales. Tucci emphasized that VMware's vision and strategy is central to EMC's vision and strategy, and the company plans to continue to take advantage of that dynamic.

But the future is the future and EMC recognizes that it also has to deal with the here and now. Tucci noted that global GDP and global IT spending are down so the company is focusing on helping customers meet their "just-in-time" and "just enough" IT budgeting goals. EMC focuses on mapping to these customer priorities with programs that enable:

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