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Bob Hammer, CEO, CommVault

CommVault will make its new Simpana software suite the platform for a range of enhancements that include de-duplication, automated records management, desktop management, database management, and support for virtualized environments.

"There are a lot of innovations we think we can bring to the market," says Bob Hammer, CEO of CommVault. And while he's careful to avoid specifics, it's clear that CommVault's intent on leveraging the success it's seeing with Simpana.

We caught up with Hammer this week -- three days after the company's latest earnings report and just before he jumped on a plane -- to ask him about these and other topics. Here's the gist of our talk:

Byte and Switch: So how many customers and employees does CommVault have today?

Hammer: We have 7,500 customers and about 840 employees. One third of those customers are enterprise customers, defined as those who have purchased more than $100,000 of any category of our products. That's up 47 percent since the same quarter last year... Thirty-three percent of our customers are enterprise and the rest are SMB [companies spending $15,000 to $50,000], with a strong emphasis on the "M."

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