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BlueArc's Barrall Says Bye Bye

BlueArc Corp. founder Geoff Barrall today made official what has been expected for months when he stepped down as CTO of the private NAS company (see BlueArc Has New CTO).

Barrall started BlueArc in 1998 and helped it haul in $157 million in funding and develop three generations of NAS products (see BlueArc Titan to Battle Giants). He says he left on good terms but no longer has any role at BlueArc.

Shmuel Shottan, who previously managed BlueArcs engineering team, takes over as CTO. Shottan joined BlueArc in September 2001 and led the engineering team that developed its second- and third-generation SiliconServer NAS systems. He worked with BlueArc CEO Gianluca Rattazzi at Meridian Data and Parallan Computer.

The move was no surprise. Barrall has been working as an advisor to other companies, despite his vows to remain focused on helping BlueArc grow (see Top Ten Turkey Awards).

“I’ve been with BlueArc six-and-a-half years, and when you’ve been with a company that long it’s time to do something new,” Barrall says.

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