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SAN FRANCISCO --, the industry consortium driving innovation in blade-based solutions, today announced its new Venture Capital Advisory Board to provide strategic guidance to members on the future of blade technologies and strategies. Founding members of the VC Advisory Board will consist of leaders and influencers from key industry VC firms including Accel, Intel Capital, Mayfield, U.S. Venture Partners (USVP) and Walden International.

Blade computers integrate servers, storage, networking and applications into one system. The blade server market is rapidly expanding as more customers look for the flexibility and ease of management blade computing offers, giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. With the blade server market predicted to grow from $3B to $11B by 20101, the global venture capital community has invested over $1B in the last two years to fund companies developing emerging technologies and solutions in this rapidly growing market.

The venture capital advisory board will provide members invaluable insights on emerging markets and technology trends, and help steer the evolution of blade technology,” said Vikram Karvat, senior marketing director of NetXen, and governing board member of “The ability to network with this community will be particularly useful for companies seeking to bring new, cutting edge solutions to market. Ultimately, the VC expertise will help to accelerate the breadth and depth of blade solutions, and expand the blade computing ecosystem worldwide.”