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Startup BitArmor will emerge from under the radar next week with a product that claims to combine encryption and classification to secure data and manage it over its lifetime.

BitArmor will unveil BitArmor Security Suite Monday, which it bills as a "data security and data lifecycle management" product. It claims to encrypt and classify information as well as handle access control, authentication, key management, and automate data destruction and deletion.

Think of it as a combination data classification a la Abrevity, Arkivio, Kazeon, Index Engines, Njini, Scentric, and StoredIQ, Scentric and an encryption alternative to Network Appliance's Decru, NeoScale, and Maxxan. (See De-Classifying Data Classification, NeoScale Claims Speedy Encryption, and NetApp Buys Decru.)

At least, that's how BitArmor wants you to think of it. No one can be sure yet how well it works. BitArmor marketing VP Mark Buczynski says there are four companies using the software, but he won't name them.

"I have not talked with any of their betas, but on paper their stuff looks damn good," says one analyst who asked not to be named. "Assuming it works as advertised, I like it."

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