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Big Vendors Offer IP Prognoses

Everybody knows that iSCSI (and IP storage in general) is one of the hottest topics in storage networking today.

What is still evolving, however, is the picture of how, and to what extent, iSCSI technology will be adopted by the user community -- defined in this case as the IT folks with the big checkbooks.

This week Byte and Switch asked some leading storage vendors what they thought would happen -- and got some diametrically opposed opinions.

Blaine Kohl, business unit manager within
Intel Corp.'s (Nasdaq: INTC) LAN Access Division paints a bleak picture of Fibre Channel's future. "I think there is a home for Fibre Channel, particularly at the high end. I think Fibre Channel will be a lot like we see with Token Ring. Ten years from now we may see a few percentage points of the SAN market still owned by Fibre Channel."

She says Intel will be supporting the iSNS protocol on its Intel PRO/1000 IP Storage Adapter, projected to be available later this year. That protocol provides a naming service for iSCSI devices similar to what DNS does for the Internet (see IP Storage Makes Names for Itself).

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