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Big Ideas for Small Storage

EMCs decision to bulk up its latest low-end Celerra device with high-end features reflects one of the biggest trends in storage. In addition to EMC, a whole host of vendors, both large and small, are attempting to prise open SMB wallets.

Smaller firms certainly have money to spend, something which is not necessarily the case for their enterprise counterparts. Recent research from AMI Partners, for example, highlighted the fact that U.S. SMB spending is growing faster than GDP, and a whole host of storage companies are attempting to jump on this bandwagon.

For users, this spells good news, according to Jeff Janover, director of technology at Wall Township Public Schools in New Jersey, who says that more and more enterprise features are being built into low-end storage offerings.

“There’s no question that these capabilities are coming to the smaller devices,” he says. “A lot of people look at a K-12 environment and say ‘it’s just a school’ but we look at it as an enterprise – we have got very important data that we have to protect.”

No organization, whether they are a Fortune 500 firm or a Garden State school district, wants to hit the headlines because of a data breach, something which is pushing SMBs more and more toward enterprise storage.

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