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BendBroadband Upgrades Storage

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- BendBroadband, a privately
owned, nationally recognized cable operator, has deployed a storage area
network (SAN) based on Cisco(R) (NASDAQ: CSCO)technology to improve customer
service, reduce operating costs, and improve application performance. To
address the performance, reliability, and scalability requirements of its
growing business, the company upgraded its network-attached storage to a SAN
based on Cisco storage network fabric switches.

Serving the fast-growing area of Bend, Oregon, BendBroadband was expanding
beyond the limits of its old storage system. After researching the switch
choices available, the cable operator selected Cisco MDS fabric switches
because of reliability, support, compatibility with a wide range of storage
devices, and a belief that Cisco is emerging as the market leader in storage
networking technology. The new Cisco-based SAN has enabled the company to
keep up with fast-paced growth, allowed them to expand their service
offerings to business customers, and provided the capability for disaster

"Since we turned these switches on the performance has been astounding,"
said Bob McWhorter, network operations center manager at BendBroadband. "Our
service times are less than a millisecond on disks located across the


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