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Basic Steps For Building a Green and Virtual Data Center

Part 10 in a series. Greg Schulz is the founder of StorageIO and the author of The Green and Virtual Data Center.

Lets take a look at the steps that can help to evolve toward a green and virtual data center that is able to sustain business growth while addressing economic and environmental concerns. Although reducing carbon footprint and emissions are important and timely topics, the reality is that for many environments, public relations and environmental stewardship are agenda topics, but economic and business sustainment are the fundamental objectives.

Just as there are many different issues that fall under the green umbrella, there many different approaches and opportunities to address them. These include power, cooling, floor-space, EH&S (PCFE), cost reduction, and sustainment of growth. The following summarizes various action items and opportunities that we have been discussion in this series.

There are a variety of action items and opportunities that can be used to address PCFE and green Issues:

Financial incentives -- These include rebates, low-cost loans, grants, energy affiance certificates. They can be used to offset energy expenses and technology upgrade costs with rebates or leave potential money on the table.

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