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Bandwidth No Longer An Obstacle To Applications In The Cloud

ATLANTA, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- While the promise of the cloud has piqued the interest of many IT administrators, adoption of Internet-based applications has been slowed by perceived barriers that have left many waiting to make the move from private networks to the public backbone. But for those who have been resistant to utilizing the cloud because they are concerned that their interactive applications might place too large of a burden on their Internet connection, bandwidth concerns need not be an issue say experts at Asankya.

"As companies continue to move to richer, more collaborative applications for an increasingly geographically dispersed workforce, a major issue of using the Internet to deliver these applications is whether the bandwidth required for these real-time business processes can be handled without too heavy a strain on a shared, public connection," said Asankya Chairman of the Board, Patrick Harr. "By building a Cloud Acceleration Network that provides consistent, reliable, high-speed performance for Internet applications, Asankya has effectively removed the barriers of adoption for the cloud. Our RAPID algorithms are uniquely able to provide high performance while working with encrypted traffic and maintaining application independence, ensuring bandwidth is no longer an obstacle for cloud-based applications."

By 2013 the software-as-a-service market is expected to show consistent growth going from a $6.6 billion market in 2008 to around $16 billion in 2013, according to Gartner, which also predicts that application delivery services will continue to have the widest reach in the enterprise.

Harr believes that increasing speed, reliability, security and consistency are the enabling factors for customers to take advantage of cloud economics while preserving the secure, high-speed benefits of private dedicated networks.

Asankya has built a Cloud Acceleration Network (CAN), consisting of strategically located network nodes on several major Internet backbone providers, enabling applications to work around congestion and bottlenecks in the Internet. Asankya's RAPIDnet(TM) service provides up to a 40x performance improvement for Internet applications, enabling corporations, SaaS providers and government entities to deploy interactive, cloud applications and data services delivered over the Internet without the need to utilize expensive private dedicated networks or build out multiple data centers to support users worldwide.

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