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Ballmer Intros Update Service

Microsoft launched its unified update and patch service, dubbed Microsoft Update, on Monday, with chief executive Steve Ballmer leading the charge by claiming that Windows is 13 to 14 percent cheaper to patch than rival Linux operating systems.

According to research commissioned by Microsoft, Windows Server software is less expensive to patch and update, Ballmer announced during his wide-ranging presentation to kick off TechEd 2005 in Orlando.

"We've really made security job number 1," Ballmer said, "and we still have security absolutely as job 1.

"None of this is designed to tell you that our job is done," Ballmer went on, "and you'll see us continue to invest in security."

Along with the survey Ballmer touted -- which was done for Microsoft by Bangalore, India-based Wipro, an IT service provider and outsourcer -- he showed the audience slides claiming that the number of vulnerabilities in Windows Server 2003 were far lower than rival Linux distributions from SuSE and Red Hat. Ballmer's tally had Windows Server 2003 with just 30 vulnerabilities over the past year, compared to 164 for SuSE and 191 for Red Hat.

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