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Atempo & Nirvanix Partner

PALO ALTO, Calif. and SAN DIEGO -- Atempo, Inc., a leading provider of cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions, and Nirvanix, the premier Cloud Storage” platform provider optimized for media and large files, today announced the full integration of Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) with the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN). In partnering with Nirvanix, Atempo now offers the world’s first file archiving software to seamlessly identify, link and move archive files from the enterprise out into cloud storage. Mid-size and large organizations that select ADA’s cloud storage option retain the software’s rich and unique features, while benefiting from the security, flexibility and economic advantages offered by Nirvanix’s powerful SDN.

As Atempo’s first software to be offered through cloud storage, ADA is optimized for organizations requiring powerful long-term data retention capabilities, but needing to significantly reduce storage infrastructure costs. Customers that select ADA’s cloud storage delivery option will have at their disposal a virtual and infinite “archival disk drive in the clouds” that is fully integrated with the software and is as interoperable as any Network-Attached Storage device. An important distinction, however, is that with the Nirvanix SDN, no matter where in the world the archival upload or download is occurring, the network auto-directs traffic for optimal performance.

With essential features like file de-duplication, full content indexing and search, and a unique utility that identifies inactive content ready for archive, ADA provides unmatched flexibility and control for IT administrators, and simplicity for end-users through an easy-to-use interface. In delivering these critical functionalities through the Nirvanix SDN, Atempo now offers customers further flexibility and simplicity by removing the burden of maintaining their own physical archive media.

“Atempo customers who select this cloud storage option powered by the Nirvanix SDN introduce new pricing flexibility to their organization,” said Edgard Capdevielle, vice president of business development at Nirvanix. “These companies can save between 80-90 percent of their current data center infrastructure costs by relying on our secure SDN rather than operating and maintaining their own storage media. Also, instead of having a flat service fee, Atempo customers will only pay for the amount of cloud storage space used on a monthly basis.”

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