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Asigra's Path Forks

Asigra, a Toronto-based private company that has sold backup and restore software for 18 years without VC funding, is taking a new route with its distribution model (see They Don't Need No Stinkin' VCs and Asigra Backs Up Enterprises).

So why would a company that claims seven years of profitability and millions of recurring annual revenues from licensing change? Because the backup and recovery market demands it, says Asigra EVP Eran Farajun.

Asigra sells its product to storage service providers (SSPs) who include it in their backup packages. This method has put Asigra software anonymously in hundreds of installations worldwide, claims Farajun, but asserts that Asigra could increase its enterprise penetration by selling its branded software through resellers and hardware partners.

Over the last 15 months, we’re finding customers don’t always want services. They want to buy software,” Farajun says. “Enterprises want to be their own internal service provider. We said, ‘Why should we leave money on the table? Let’s tweak our licensing.’”

Today Asigra launched Asigra Televaulting for Enterprises, software that backs up data in remote sites and departments into a central archive in the data center. It's the same software Asigra sells through service providers, but the licensing model is different.

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