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Asigra Launches Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery

TORONTO - June 09, 2009 - Asigra Inc., the leading cloud backup and recovery software provider, today announced the Asigra Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery platform. The ninth generation Asigra platform brings transformational backup architecture, allowing users to outsource backup to a public cloud, build a private cloud or select a hybrid of the two models. The latest generation offering brings industry firsts in automation, security and efficiency to reduce IT resources spent on mundane backup jobs, allowing redirection of those resources toward more strategic initiatives.

Traditional approaches to SMB and enterprise backup have not kept up with the exponential data growth, variances in information value and complexities within the IT environment as organizations seek to do more with less. Instead, there has been an unfortunate waste in brainpower and precious resources on backup and recovery when it should be a routine task in today's cloud computing era.

Asigra now allows users to leverage the public cloud, build their own private cloud or integrate both into a hybrid data protection model, providing the flexibility to alternate between the two approaches for fast onsite and reliable offsite recovery. Asigra does not require a choice between whether to exclusively manage the entire company backup estate or completely outsource it to a trusted cloud services provider. Asigra allows easy migration of backup data from the internal data center to a cloud service provider's facility or vice-versa using an integrated data migration tool, avoiding having to reinstall the backup and recovery software. As backup strategies change, whether a user elects to retain the custody of data or outsource it to a trusted service provider, Asigra ensures total user control over backup data.

"Asigra continues to show vision as a next generation backup and recovery software provider with its latest platform, optimized for cloud computing," said Lauren Whitehouse, analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group. "Asigra oozes optimization, from its agentless approach, built-in data deduplication and lifecycle management, and standard features such as continuous protection and replication to the flexibility in deploying the solution. Asigra allows users to capture, ingest and store less data, effectively reducing the amount of storage hardware and management overhead required to deploy and maintain high levels of data protection."

Asigra Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery ingests less data by eliminating non-essential and persistent data at the source and includes tools that allow users to analyze the entire concentration of data on the network for the generation of reports that identify storage inefficiencies like stale or redundant data. The backup and recovery offering provides a smart and affordable approach to backup transformation, helping customers to buy less, manage less, and maintain less - it is a multi-site license and does not require any agents to be purchased or installed on the existing or newly added systems under protection. Instead, Asigra reaches out over the network to perform agentless backup of all leading physical and virtual operating systems, applications, and databases, using industry standard protocols and programming interfaces.

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