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Asigra 'Features' CDP

Asigra is adding continuous data protection (CDP) to its backup software, and hopes to make up for lost time by building it into its Televaulting application for remote offices with no license fees for CDP.

Asigra today launched Televaulting 6.2 with a CDP option. Asigra concentrates on backing up data from remote sites to data centers over the WAN. Most of Asigras customers are service providers and enterprises with at least five remote sites. (See Asigra's Path Forks.)

CDP will let Asigra customers restore data from any point in time instead of from their last backup. Customers determine which files or applications they want to use CDP on, with Exchange the main candidate. Televaulting then captures data as it is written to disk, and sends it to the centralized server over the WAN. If a file is corrupted or deleted, users can restore the last good version of it from the remote site or data center.

By now, many backup vendors have CDP but most offer it as a separate product or charge extra to make it part of the core backup application. Asigra executive VP Eran Farajun says he considers CDP valuable for disk-based backup, but not a standalone product.

“To us, CDP is a feature of the product, not a product in itself,” Farajun says. “That’s why we’re giving it away.”

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