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Arbor Attacks Worms

Startup Arbor Networks Inc. has beefed up its security offering with a new product designed to help data center managers combat the threat of worm attacks.

Worm attacks are a particular menace to businesses because they are extremely hard to detect -- exploiting parts of an operating system that are often invisible to the user. In many cases a user may only notice a worm when it causes a system slowdown.

To make matters worse, worms actually mimic normal business traffic on the network, making it difficult to prevent the worm propagating without stopping legitimate traffic.

There is also the major challenge of dealing with unforeseen attacks. Many worms fall into the category of "zero-day" attacks, which means that they can potentially infect computers before anti-virus products can react (see Security Approaches Day Zero).

Arbor NetworksÂ’ Peakflow X 3.0 software, unveiled today, does not use a specific signature to identify the worm. Instead, it uses hardware and software to anlayze the relationship between hosts on the network and identify whether anything has been infected by a worm. These hosts could be, for example, a PC, a printer, or even a server.

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