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Apparent Automates Test Platform

Software startup Apparent Networks today unveiled shiny new versions of its flagship AppareNet product.

First launched in 2002, AppareNet is network performance monitoring software that enables technology vendors, enterprises, and even telcos to identify problems across both their own and their customers IP networks.

With the new Enterprise, Support, and Professional upgrades, the Vancouver-based firm is looking to improve on this story. The new Enterprise product offers a greater degree of sophistication, according to Apparent Networks’ CEO Irfhan Rajani. He says, “Our first release was reactive -- you needed human intervention. Enterprise 2.0 is proactive.”

AppareNet works by sending packets across a network from API (application program interface) to API, and then analyzing the returned data. As well as searching out network bottlenecks and congestion points, AppareNet can also identify problems such as poorly performing routers and latency-bound applications.

The upgrade means that tests can be automatically scheduled and queued. The new version also integrates with management frameworks such as Hewlett-Packard Co.’s (NYSE: HPQ) OpenView and IBM Corp.'s (NYSE: IBM) Tivoli platform.

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