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APC - The Data Center on Wheels.

Okay, this isn't really a storage topic, but I was having a hard time finding the right heading, and the storage channel is kind of my "home sweet home", so here you go.

Have you seen this picture... It's the APC "data center in a semi".

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Unbelievable. It's got a NOC, racks, cooling, satlink... Everything you need for the ultimate in disaster recovery. They lease them and they sell them. Need a data center that can run from a spreading disaster? Give APC a call, they've got you covered.

I thought it was pretty cool. Think Hurricanes, floods, all sorts of natural disasters. It can keep your company online while you're trying to recover.

With fire detection and supression, keycard access, 50 kW of cooling, and 500U of APC rack space, this thing can probably compete with most of our brick and mortar data centers.

Granted, I don't know how costs compare to maintenance of your existing redundant data center, but if you are just beginning to think about building a DR location, this option is worth checking out.

Of course, the Geek in me just wants to play with it. Maybe I'll ask them if we can borrow one to keep NWC Inc. online when we move the Green Bay lab next year :-). We have to test it, right? Right?