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Analyst: More Vista Delays Would Sell 1 Million More PCs

Microsoft Corp. could help PC vendors sell an additional million machines if it intentionally delayed releasing Windows Vista until July 2007, a Gartner analyst claimed this week.

But that ain't gonna happen.

The already-announced delay of Vista, which is now scheduled for general release in January 2007, won't materially affect the number of PCs sold during 2006 and 2007, said Charles Smulders, a Gartner vice president. Along with two other analysts -- George Shiffler and Mikako Kitagawa -- Smulders recently published a research briefing on Vista's push-back and the impact on PC sales.

"The impact will be relatively minor if Vista ships in January [2006] as Microsoft has announced," said Smulders. "Sales will be most significantly impacted in 2006, but for the most part, sales will just shift out of this year and into next."

Some consumers and small businesses that might have popped for a new PC with Vista pre-installed during the fourth quarter will spend the money on other purchases, Smulders said, but they won't be in the majority.

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